Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama to visit Cairo University next week, June 3

There’s a buzz in Cairo about President Obama’s visit to the city next week.

Already, Ahmed, the local shop keeper asked me about the upcoming visit. I asked him if he plans to attend. He said that he is not allowed.

Here’s the conversation with a 63 year-old taxi driver on my way to the airport:

Taxi driver: Obama is a man of peace. Unlike Bush, and his father, who were both men of war.

What do you want Obama to say when he comes?

Just to talk about peace. Clinton was a man of peace. And his wife. She came to visit Cairo and went to the Khan Alkhalili Market and Al Azhar mosque.
Obama speaks Arabic and his mother was a Muslim

His mother or father?

His mother.

Is life in Egypt better now than before?

Before! Everything was much cheaper. Mubarak—what has he done in 30 years?! Nothing.

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