Sunday, November 26, 2006

On The Lam

Last night while I’m watching TV, I hear a helicopter pass over my house. It’s very loud and close. A minute later, it returns and sounds like it’s directly over my roof. I look through the window and see lights overhead. Either it’s a local TV news crew or the United Nations has deployed their black helicopters to begin their world government tonight.

I step onto my back porch and look up. I see a helicopter circling around with a searchlight. I have a bad feeling about this. The last time I was in this situation was when I lived in Sacramento, CA six years ago. At that time, three police officers were in my front yard, crouching with guns drawn. They were searching for an escaped convict.

I reach for my cell phone and call 911. The operator asks me, “Is this an emergency?”
“Not really…I see a helicopter overhead with a searchlight. What does that mean?” I respond.

“There was a robbery at 3500 Fairfax Ave. tonight, so we’re searching for the suspects.”

Fairfax is 2 blocks over from my house.

“I suppose I should stay inside and keep my doors locked, right?” I inquire.

“Yes, that would be a good idea.” She confirms. With that, I call my neighbor Patricio and point out the helicopter to him as well. I look up the location of the robbery and find that it’s just down the street.