Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nathalie's Response

Oh my god andy, i just found this. I did nt read it, this is too long for my little brain and i think this is completely inappropriate You make a fuss and such a long and precise story out of what. We talk nicely throught internet, met, liked each other. i slept two days in ur bed. let my bags in ur flat guys for what, five days, or something, hand around during the day, talking with u, chech mails... And so what, what is the big deal.

You are young, already you are making a fuss for such a natural and informal thing...

about meher : thanks you for the pity of this pathetic guy about an old lady. just by the way.
and thank you for relating this to me. by the way.

THIS guy is pathetic, believe me.
He called me today about the ac remote control. Sure i do ac remote control traffic, u didnt know about that, ion fact i am not a journalist but a big dealer of remote controls. i sell it 1 euros in the black market in france.

THIS is pathetic. Poor guy and poor you. You should have send him to hell when he called u but obviously u didnt.

His room was perfectly neat, everything was just like i founded, never saw any ac remote control, never put any ac, it was cool enough, cant even remember where was this ac machine. PATHETIC i am telling u.

Also andy, relax and dont be obsessionnal out of nothing
If things had been different, of course i intended to treat u, guys, to restaurant, and have a nice party the three of us, OF COURSE.

but since u think i am a greedy shit i would disturb your convenience
more seriously you disappointed me so much and i felt so insulted by your behavior and attitude last hours that to tell u the truth i dont have the courage to just pretend i am still happy with you and spend an evening with you.

if you would like anything i could buy for you of if something would please you, just tell me i would be happy to make a present to thank you for your hospitality. but i dont really feel like spending time with u right now. This long letter with the also insulting title u sent me now i didnt read it as i told u, but i already can feel that only the principle that this is so long and so is already wrong and something is crazy about it.

just let me know if you would be pleased with something, ok


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